Stainless Steel Chains
with all the capabilities of environment resistant and dress in resistant chain series.
Together with the use of X-rings, durability enhanced remarkably.
X rings have been extra for the Stainless Steel Chain (SS)
which has the most effective resistance to corrosion and heat. In comparison to the typical Stainless Steel Chain,this chain has about 5~10 occasions resistance to abrasion.This improvement can make attainable a considerable reduction within the working and servicing expenditures.
Recommended uses
?Problems constantly exposed to chemical agents, sea water and wastewater.
Different chemical plants, water therapy plants
?Circumstances of higher temperature
Heat-treating furnaces, dry furnaces, incinerators
The grease and seal rings meet the specifications of the Meals Sanitation Law.
Seek the advice of us concerning the environmental disorders and chain variety.
Choice of chains
The typical tensile power and optimum allowable load in the Stainless Steel Chain are each reduce than a standard roller chain. Refer to the maximum allowable load for the choice of chains.
Connecting backlinks
R connecting back links are made use of for Stainless Steel Chains #60 or smaller sized and C connecting back links for #80 or more substantial.
The pins for the X-Ring chains are longer than those of regular roller chains, and thus common sprockets for multiplex chain are unable to be applied for your X-Ring chains when using this chain in multiplex.
As a common property of stainless steel, stress
corrosion cracking and pitting corrosion could be brought on by chlorine and chlorine ion (CR-).
Please take into consideration the circumstances, temperature, degree together with other general circumstance when working with.