The countless push to increase sawmill productivity frequently demands greater pace, better accuracy and less waste. Chains can play a purpose inside your mill?¡¥s profitability by doing much better and lasting longer.
We begin with superior design. We ascertain the precise degree of tip sharpness to get the job done best for every application, making greatest grip with minimum penetration and tear out. The result is really a chain that runs accurately at speeds of more than one,400 FPM.
Superior design demands superior material and fabrication. Chains products are made from top rated grade materials to provide the greater hardness important to resist corrosion and oxidation while preserving power at higher temperatures. Chains features precision ground flat bottom chains that lowers dress in and injury for your chain bed and distributes load evenly. Our chains are fine blanked with lower draft tooth profile that distributes fat and lowers losses from bruising. We manufacture
Chains using the closest doable tolerances from the industry and provide a one of a kind reliable center plate style that all but eliminates breakage from sawdust packing.