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Solution Software of 2019 Manganese Ilmenite gold Iron magnetic seperator

Very hot Sale Moist Magnetic Separator Machine mainly is composed of this sort of four areas as cylinder, magnetic method, mobile and transmission areas. Cylinder is created of 2-3mm welded and bent stainless steel and the terminal go over is solid aluminum plate which is related with stainless bolts. 
The magnetic system is a ring-formed chain shut magnetic circuit with energizing coils made of copper tubing and cooled internally by water. Grooved plates manufactured of magnetic conductive stainless steel are employed as a magnetic matrix. This separator characteristics a brief magnetic circuit, small magnetic flux leakage, higher magnetic intensity, lower strength use, a easy structure and effortless upkeep.

CZPT Parameters of 2019 Manganese Ilmenite gold Iron magnetic seperator

Model Magnetic   Toughness
Input Dimensions
Cylinder Pace
Electrical power
Capacity Weight
CTB600x900 ≥120 ≤1 40 1.1 8-fifteen 24 850
CTB600×1200 ≥120 ≤1 forty one.5 ten-20 32 1000
CTB600×1800 ≥120 ≤1 forty two.two fifteen-30 48 1300
CTB750×1200 ≥120 ≤1 35 2.two 15-30 forty eight 1500
CTB750×1800 ≥120 ≤1 35 3. twenty-45 seventy two 1800
CTB900×1800 ≥135 ≤1 28 4. twenty five-fifty five 90 2400
CTB900×2100 ≥135 ≤1 28 4. 30-sixty five one hundred 2650
CTB1050×1800 ≥145 ≤1 22 five.5 35-70 one hundred ten 3800
CTB1050×2100 ≥145 ≤1 22 five.5 45-88 one hundred forty 4150
CTB1050×2400 ≥145 ≤1 22 5.5 forty five-88 140 4500
CTB1200×2100 ≥145 ≤1 19 7.five sixty two-one hundred ten a hundred and sixty 5800
CTB1200×2400 ≥145 ≤1 19 7.five eighty two-a hundred and twenty 192 6200
CTB1200×3000 ≥145 ≤1 19 seven.five 80-150 240 6800
CTB1500×3000 ≥145 ≤1 fourteen eleven 90-one hundred seventy 270 8200
CTB1500×4000 ≥145 ≤1 fourteen 11 a hundred and fifteen-220 350 9000


Attribute of 2019 Manganese Ilmenite gold Iron magnetic seperator
 1) Short magnetic circuit,
 2) minor magnetic flux leakage
 3) high magnetic depth
 4) lower power consumption
 5) fine beneficiating outcomes
 6)simple framework and effortless to keep. 

Doing work theory of 2019 Manganese Ilmenite gold Iron magnetic seperator

When the raw materials flow into the tank body of the magnetic separator to start with, the flowing route of the raw resources is the identical as the rotary route of the magnetic drum, the iron magnetite components are attracted to the surface area of drum. This is the 1st separation. In the 2nd step, the flushing water beneath flush the uncooked materials back is the next separation. This time the flowing direction of the uncooked materials is opposite to the rotary course of the magnetic drum. Then together with the rotation of drum, the iron magnetite resources on the surface area of drum will last but not least leave the magnetic area and fall in  the ore concentrate box beneath the effect of gravity. the flushing drinking water earlier mentioned aids to flush the iron magnetite into the ore concentrate box. The weak magnetic and non-magnetic components can not be attracted and will stream to the discharge pipe as tailings.

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Mineral Separator Magnetite Machine Hematite Magnetic Separator